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I got rejected – This is what it did to me


Life has been going on as normal. Every day I had the stress that I’m not doing enough and I’m procrastinating too much. Every day I dug deeper and deeper into my emotions to find what’s blocking the workflow. Then last week I had a major trauma triggered in the most surprisingly pleasant way. A dichotomy I know, but let me explain. An imaginary character, an NPC got bitchy with...

The Cure For Hate And Discrimination


Photo by Nicholas Swatz A while ago I had the very rare opportunity to vent about a socially unacceptable subject. It was related to the hate I harboured for a certain demographic. This is How I came to understand the other side and in doing so Find the Cure for hate I don’t want to hate! Hate comes from fear and ignorance. I don’t want to be ignorant because, from my personal...

Why You Should Be Honest With Yourself


Photo by Joshua Earle This my story on why you should be honest with yourself. A bit of background: Yesterday, I was going through a lot of stress. More than usual and it wasn’t coming from any apparent source. Among other things was the stress of my dad’s birthday. I haven’t spoken to him in 6 months or more. It’s been so long and I have to face him. It was always my plan...

The Importance of Our Sacred Personal Space


Photo by Faye Cornish Maybe you want to be left alone while taking a shower without anyone screaming at you from behind the door. Maybe you have a certain ritual around breakfast time or nobody else can make that perfect coffee/meal that you love to have every day. No matter who or where you are in the world you’ve formed sacred places, ritual and objects. what does it mean for something to...

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