Coming to Terms with Esoteric Concepts as an agnostic


As an agnostic, there are many esoteric concepts that hail from different philosophies that I have shunned in the past. I have labelled whole belief systems as “stupid” with merely a cursory glance. Only now am I beginning to see value where I was once blind.

Over time I have come to terms with the idea that everyone has some wisdom to give, no matter their level of education, spiritual beliefs or experience. I have also come to terms with the fact that you cannot change anyone’s mind by arguing or attempting to coerce them. Unless they are actually wanting to change and you happen to show them the way they were looking for, they wont change. Now, I will get into two esoteric concepts that I miraculously agreed with completely when Aria showed them to me.

Inner Twins:

Inner twins were the first of two major esoteric concepts I came across. When you get the idea that a ‘part of you’ wants to do something different than what ‘you’ want to do, that is an inner twin talking. An inner twin is somebody you can see in your mind’s eye that can either be a reflection of who you were in your childhood as in a memory, or a reflection of a part of your personality that you have in twin form. They are essentially fragments of your psyche that have been split off due to trauma.

The first time I came across this, I noticed them because I was triggered by not being listened to. Aria told me to focus on the memory, which was a specific moment in time where I was in the car with my parents, and I said “we should go to this park!” and they just dismissed me. The ‘twin’ in this case was my childhood self in the memory, and I as my adult self played the part of a third adult agreeing with me in the memory.

I re-wrote the memory in situ and telling my childhood ‘twin’ that his opinion is important. I yelled at my parents in his place with the quote “I DESERVE TO BE LISTENED TO!” repeatedly, which ended up in me crying. This was incredibly freeing. The most recent time I mentioned a twin was the demon twin that represented my masculinity which had been corrupted.

Paying attention to my twin’s needs allowed me to heal the past. When most people say ‘get over it’, what they mean is “Ignore it. Shove it under the rug.” This is an incredibly unhealthy way of living. You are letting traumas from early childhood fester unheeded, when they really are just crying children waiting to get attention and love that they needed. Just saying “be happy” is ridiculous. Re-experiencing the traumas that I experienced as a child, and giving those twins what they needed has been the most healing experience I have ever undertaken.

If you want to go through this healing experience, check out Emotional Vipassana:

Law of Attraction:

I have been unaware of the law of attraction until quite recently. Aria thought that it was incredibly surprising that I believed this esoteric concept immediately when she told me about it. It just made sense. Psycho-cybernetics is a scientific concept that explains what you view of yourself, your self image has a vast impact on your life. The law of attraction states that you attract the mindset you have on life.

This makes perfect sense to me. If you believe that everyone is out to get you, you will act in a certain way that makes most people hate you, less likely to want to spend time with you and more likely to treat you callously. The only people that will stick around are the people that see you as a weak target, thus this is a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you are depressed, you will make people not want to spend time with you as they do not want to be around depressed people as you will bring them down. This is another self fulfilling prophecy. All you want is for people to understand you, as you feel utterly alone, but people do not want to bring themselves down to bring you up.

There are many examples of this being used in our lives:

businessmen using positive thinking, people thinking black people cause crime when it, in fact, is the other way round / vicious cycle people who are poor remain poor due to mindset / self esteem people thinking women are stupid. Treating a woman like trash will make her think she is trash and she will then act as such. It is the reason that people in the red pill groups all think men who treat women as equals are simps because they see women as trash. The law of attraction should not be followed blindly, it should be seen as a tool and a psychological problem to avoid being a slave to.

That’s it! Just two esoteric concepts that I wanted to point out that on the outside may not seem like they would make sense to an agnostic, but through a critical eye I have sifted through what I disagree with and taken the wisdom from the rest.

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