Who we are:

Homecave is a personal development website for people who are dedicated to reaching their desired outcomes. 

Here you can find helpful information about:

  • Reaching your personal goals
  • Relationship advice
  • Connecting with your inner self
  • Management and removal of childhood traumas
  • Achieving an overall higher state of happiness

NOTE:  We are a personal development website for people who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication to achieve better mental and emotional health. We don’t heal you, we help you heal yourself.

How we do it:

Through our own continuous efforts to improve our selves, we come across many realizations and useful knowledge. We intend to share our findings with everybody else so that you too may find your way to reconnecting with your own emotions and a better understanding of what they are all about. 

We do not depend on any specific technique or method. We welcome resources from all corners of the mental health & psychology industry, meditation, spirituality and all the different types of therapy.  In truth, there’s not just one way of reaching emotional awareness. There is an infinite number of paths that any individual can take towards higher emotional intelligence. 

We also have our own methods which we tested and have proven to yield long-term positive results.

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Homecave mission:


To promote the importance of personal development and emotional health


We’re living in a society that disregards the emotional needs of people. Currently, the focus is on material gain and immediate action. We at Homecave plan to reveal this suppressed aspect and allow it to be expressed and nurtured. 

Our subtle nature is far more important than we give it credit for. It’s about time for the world to acknowledge the emotional side of us that guides our lives.


“It starts with us”


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Latest stories

I’ve been a slave to stress.


I’ve been stressing about the success of the Homecave project ever since we started it. Most of the blog posts I have written were from revelations that I had before we launched the server. As of late, I have written far less often as my mind has been consumed by Homecave succeeding. I have a strong feeling that I have lost my sense of self as I have poured everything I am into the server...

I don’t trust myself.


I want to preface this by saying that this is entirely my fault. Let me summarise the events that led up to my realisation that I don’t trust myself. Yesterday as of writing, I had an argument with Aria about the site. I felt like I had no creative freedom as I felt like she was controlling me. Although this was the catalyst, I actually felt like Aria was controlling the entire Homecave...

Coming to Terms with Esoteric Concepts as an agnostic


As an agnostic, there are many esoteric concepts that hail from different philosophies that I have shunned in the past. I have labelled whole belief systems as “stupid” with merely a cursory glance. Only now am I beginning to see value where I was once blind. Over time I have come to terms with the idea that everyone has some wisdom to give, no matter their level of education...

The cause of my self hate


I am dealing with the self hate imposed on me in my childhood: I have written about the various reasons that I could not commit to life. One of them was my self hate. Today I aim to go into detail on that issue. Growing up, I did not get credit for my achievements. My mother always took them for herself. When she would talk about something she and I did together, I SPECIFICALLY note that every...

I am a distraction.


When I am the center of attention I feel like I am a distraction. This is why: Aria quite innocently and nonchalantly told me this morning when I came in to the bedroom while she was meditating “You are distracting me”. She did not mean any harm by it, but to me it seemed cold and dismissive. It hurt me way more than it should, and only after “sitting” with it for 20...

Why I could not commit to life


I found out why I could not commit to life, and I am proud of my progress: I started my personal growth journey with the aim of finding out why I am apathetic and cannot prevent myself from procrastinating. Quite recently, I found that procrastination is not actually the problem. It is the symptom of a deeper issue. The symptom (procrastination) is a form of passive suicide which is a way for me...

Who am I?


I don’t know the answer to the question “who am I?” I realise that my reason for not committing to life is a bigger problem than I first imagined. As written on my previous post, the first reason I came across for not committing to life was my self-hate, and then later on the same day I realised that the second reason for me not committing to life was my fear; in which I did not...

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